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Posted on 12 Oct 2017 by BullionStar

BullionStar Rebuilds Community Center in Fire-Ravaged Slum in Batam, Indonesia

Across the border of Singapore, a ferry-ride away, a fire broke out on Saturday, 8 July 2017 in a slum in Muka Kuning, Batam, Indonesia. The slum houses around 160 people and around 50 families, on an uneven plot of land smaller than the size of a football field. Given the concentration of huts built in close proximity to each other, at least 10 of these huts were ravaged by the fire, tragically affecting the lives of 10 families who struggle daily to make ends meet. Towards the center of the slum, the community center that was used for feeding and tutoring children in the slum was destroyed by the fire, devastating the whole community.

Firemen putting out the fire at Muka Kuning

Fire trucks parked alongside the road to provide immediate aid

Fire-ravaged remains in Muka Kuning

Within our sphere of influence, we are given a choice - whether to help or whether to stand aside and let things be as they are. We decided to take a small step towards making a difference in this community. We wanted to make it personal and direct to make an impact on the ground. We visited the community and in speaking with the locals there, decided that it would bring hope and restoration to the community by rebuilding their community center. Also, in speaking with the locals, we were thankful to find out that there were no casualties from the fire.

Today, around 3 months after the incident, the new community center has been rebuilt, restocked and revitalized. Tuition has now resumed in the community center and feeding is provided for the children in the community center - much to the joy of the community in Muka Kuning as well as to us.

Children gathered in Community Center
Children gathered in the Community Center

Children preparing for tuition
Children preparing for tuition

Simple kitchen equipment and appliance provided for the Community Center

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  • Yochanan

    Wonderful project to rebuild the community center. Thank you Torgny Persson for generously helping these families in their need. This is a great testimony of your love and compassion! God bless!

  • Kit Blake



    Well done and God Bless


    Keep up it .

  • Bob Nichols

    I live in Florida. We’ve had our own moment of challenge of late. Life is not always easy. That’s where family, friends, and good people take over. Thank you for caring for those affected simply because you care.

  • Chia Yu Ping

    Well done. There is a Chinese saying “好人有好報” meaning good karma will be bestowed on kindhearted person.

  • Joseph Stewart

    Excellent work .. Thank you for caring enough to take real action & putting your money into doing good work helping others ..

  • Fred Barnes

    Could a Bullionstar account be setup for helping others? Perhaps the company could run it and from time to time contributions in gold or silver could be added by purchasers?

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