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BullionStar Provides Food Relief to Over 200 Families

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In August 2020, BullionStar helped to provide food and groceries to over 200 poverty-stricken families living in Batam, Indonesia. Most of these families do not have a breadwinner that holds a steady job. Some rely on temporary work, such as working as part-time parking attendants, construction workers, garbage collectors, cleaners, cooks, and factory workers that fight tremendously hard make ends meet.

We were impacted by the way in which we could bring direct help and relief to these families without the need for high administrative costs through traditional NGO’s. With COVID-19 restrictions making tough living conditions even harder, we wanted to provide a helping hand to these families.

Within a span of two weeks from the conversation, the food and groceries were purchased and packed by our partner and her team on the ground. These packs were subsequently distributed to families living in the following areas across Batam:

1. Bukit Senyum
2. Pantai Stress
3. Bengkong
4. Muka Kuning
5. Kampung Aceh
6. Kampung Salak
8. Dapur 12 – Sagulung
9. Tanjung Piayu
10. Batam Center

Food and groceries purchased, packed and distributed to over 200 families in Batam, Indonesia.
Each food and grocery pack contains a sack of rice, packs of noodles, sugar, cooking oil, vermicelli, and bottles of sardines. Here are some of the faces of the families having received the food and groceries pack.

Food and groceries packed and distributed to over 200 families in Batam, Indonesia
More faces of families receiving a food and groceries pack from BullionStar.


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