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20 x 1 Gram Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bullion Bar

  • 20 x 1 Gram Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bullion Bar thumbnail
  • 20 x 1 Gram Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bullion Bar thumbnail
20 x 1 Gram Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bullion Bar

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20 x 1 Gram Valcambi CombiBar Gold Bullion Bar

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This amazing 20 gram Gold CombiBar from famous Swiss refiner Valcambi comprises a 4 x 5 rectangle of 1 gram gold bars of 9999 fineness, where each individual small gold bar can be detached. Great for small gold transactions or gifting gold to friends.

Product Highlights

Country: Switzerland

Manufacturer: Valcambi

Purity: 99.99%

Weight: 20 gram (0.643 troy oz)

Tax Status: No Tax/No GST

Product Information:

The 20 gram Gold CombiBar from Swiss refiner Valcambi is a unique investment gold bar that can be divided into 20 x 1 gram gold bars. Valcambi is the largest gold refiner in Switzerland, and its gold bullion products are highly respected throughout the world for their Swiss craftsmanship and guarantee of quality. 

Launched in 2011, the innovative design of the Gold CombiBar comprises a 4 x 5 rectangle of 1 gram gold bars of 9999 fineness, presented in a secure translucent casing which also contains the gold bar’s assay certificate displaying the bar’s unique serial number. The Gold CombiBar weighs 20 grams (or 0.643 fine troy ounces). Gold CombiBars are therefore ultra-portable since they are a similar size and width to a credit card, and in fact a 20 gram gold CombiBar can fit in a wallet, just like a credit card.

The genius of the CombiBar design is that each constituent miniature gold bar is attached to one or more adjacent bars, held together by grooves within the larger gold bar. These grooves are strong enough to keep the gold bar intact, but flexible enough to allow each individual small gold bar to be detached. The individual 1 gram gold bars can then be sold, exchanged, gifted, or used in transactions, and provides the owner with ultimate flexibility no matter what the gold price.

Each of the 20 gold bar segments is individually stamped with the Valcambi logo design, and inscribed with “1g fine gold 999,9” and Valcambi’s “Essayeur Fondeur” stamp of authenticity. So when detached, each gold bar still retains Valcambi’s hallmark of trust.

Because the CombiBar’s design is patented, the Gold CombiBar is the only gold bullion bar on the market with this unique construction, and is a unique way to buy and sell gold.

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