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BullionStar's Storage Solution

BullionStar is a Singapore registered company with a one-stop bullion shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398. BullionStar's solution for storing bullion in Singapore is called "My Vault Storage®".

With My Vault Storage®, you can store bullion in BullionStar's bullion vault which is integrated with BullionStar's shop and showroom making it a convenient one-stop-shop for precious metals in Singapore.

Customers can buy, store, sell or request physical withdrawal their bullion through My Vault Storage® online 24/7. 

BullionStar offers the most competitive rates in the industry for vault storage.  

All bullion, cash and property stored with or entrusted to BullionStar is insured for all risks at full replacement value by our insurance underwriter XL Insurance as apparent from our Evidence of Insurance Certificate.

BullionStar employs no less than 5 different audit schemes to verify the existence and correctness of your stored bullion

There's two different ways of purchasing and storing bullion with BullionStar:

1) Bullion Products

Allocated bullion products under your legal ownership. Your bullion products are handled under camera surveillance, inspected, photographed and stored segregated from BullionStar's own stock inventory. A picture of your bullion depicting the serial numbers of the bullion bars are uploaded to your account so you can view and identify your products. You can audit your bullion online through the Live Audit Report anytime or physically by visiting our bullion retail shop & vault Singapore

2) Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

The Bullion Savings Program (BSP) can be used towards saving for physical bullion bars or as a trading product. BSP Grams can be bought in Gold, Silver or Platinum and can be converted to physical bullion bars at any time or sold back to BullionStar at any time.

BSP Gold Grams can be converted in increments of 100 grams to 100 gram PAMP Gold Cast Bars.

BSP Silver Grams can be converted in increments of 15,000 grams to 15 kg Heraeus Silver Bars.

BSP Platinum Grams can be converted in increments of 1,000 grams to 1 kg Heraeus Platinum Bars.

There are no fees for buying, selling or converting BSP Grams to physical bullion bars.

BSP Grams carry lower price premiums than purchasing individual Gold, Silver or Platinum bars in small denominations. This makes the BSP program a cost-effective way to save towards physical bullion bars in the sizes mentioned above. 

My Vault Storage® - Buy, Sell or Withdraw Physical Bullion Online 24/7

My Vault Storage® is BullionStar's online solution for trading physical bullion 24/7. With My Vault Storage®, you can:

  • Buy, sell or physical withdraw your bullion online 24/7 through a simple user-interface. 
  • Keep funds on your BullionStar account to trade in and out of positions.
  • Buy, sell or withdraw BSP Grams for a low premium and spread. View daily report on the backing of the Bullion Savings Program here.
  • View and analyze your precious metals portfolio in different currencies and with different valuation methods.
  • View pictures of your bullion including serial numbers where applicable.
  • Generate a vault certificate/report of your bullion portfolio holdings.
  • View the Live Audit Report listing all customer owned metal stored in "My Vault Storage®" updated in real time.
  • View third party audit protocols by the LBMA-approved auditor, Bureau Veritas auditing customer owned metals.
  • View BullionStar's evidence of insurance certificate

With My Vault Storage®, BullionStar offers you a bullion storage solution where you are in control.

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Withdraw Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

Please note that it is only possible to withdraw either bullion products or products for the Bullion Savings Program in one and the same order. If you would like to withdraw both bullion products and products for the Bullion Savings Program, please place two separate withdrawal orders.

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