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Product & Storage Options

BullionStar offers two different options for buying and storing precious metals.  

1) Bullion Products

Segregated allocated bullion products held under legal ownership. If you buy a 100 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar, you get one identifiable serial-numbered PAMP 100 gram gold bar stored separately from BullionStar's own inventory. 

Your bullion products are inspected, photographed and stored securely under your legal ownership. When we have received your payment, you can sell, audit or physically withdraw your bullion any time. If you would like to physically audit or withdraw your bullion, you can visit us at 45 New Bridge Road or have your bullion shipped to you.

The Live Audit Report lets you audit your metal online in real time. The Live Audit Report is a list of all holdings for all vault account numbers storing precious metals with BullionStar as storage provider. You can thus verify the existence of your bullion with its serial number in the Live Audit Report. All other customers can likewise verify their bullion holdings through the report.

BullionStar offers storage to the most competitive rates in the industry.

2) Bullion Savings Program (BSP)  

With the BSP, you can buy BSP Grams of Gold, Silver or Platinum that is fully backed up by physical precious metals in BullionStar’s stock inventory.The Bullion Savings Program (BSP) is BullionStar’s savings and trading solution for physically allocated Gold, Silver and Platinum.

BSP Grams can be converted to physical bullion bars at any time or sold back to BullionStar at any time.

BSP Gold Grams can be converted in increments of 100 grams to 100 gram PAMP Gold Cast Bars.

BSP Silver Grams can be converted in increments of 15,000 grams to 15 kg Heraeus Silver Bars.

BSP Platinum Grams can be converted in increments of 1,000 grams to 1 kg Heraeus Platinum Bars.

There are no fees for buying, selling or converting BSP grams to physical bullion bars.

BullionStar backs up all BSP Grams fully with physical precious metals. BullionStar publishes a daily report on the backing of the BSP Grams here.

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Withdraw Bullion Products
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Withdraw Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

Please note that it is only possible to withdraw either bullion products or products for the Bullion Savings Program in one and the same order. If you would like to withdraw both bullion products and products for the Bullion Savings Program, please place two separate withdrawal orders.

Product BSP QTY Bars to Withdraw BSP Grams Required