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How to Buy Bullion for Storage

Guide for how to buy bullion for storage:

Step 1: Click on "My Vault Storage®" in the top menu. 

Step 2: Click on "Buy to store in My Vault".

Step 3: Enter the desired quantity of the product you would like to buy in the field under the "Quantity" section.

Step 4: Click on the button "Add to Cart".

Step 5: The selected item has been added to your shopping cart. Your shopping cart is visible in the top of the right hand side column of the web page. You can edit the quantity or remove an item by clicking on the trash can.

Step 6: To purchase more products, simply repeat step 3-5.

Step 7: When you have finished shopping, click on the "Checkout" button in the Shopping cart.

Step 8: Select "My Vault Storage®" in the "Delivery" area in the Checkout.

Step 9: Select “Payment Method” by clicking on the arrow in the "Payment Options" field. You can pay by domestic or international bank transfer, by cheque, cash, NETS or Bitcoins.

Step 10: If you are logged in and you registered an address when you created your account, your registered address will be your default customer/shipping address. You can change this address if you like to have your order shipped to another address. If you did not register an address or have yet to create an account, fill in your customer information accordingly. If you buy for storage for the first time, you will get to choose a PIN code with a minimum of 4 digits. Make sure to remember the PIN code as you will be asked to re-enter the PIN code for subsequent transactions in My Vault Storage® for added security.    

Step 11: Read the Terms and Conditions and check the checkbox if you agree to them. Also check the checkbox to acknowledge that your order is binding. 

Step 12: Click on "Confirm" to place your order.

Step 13: An order confirmation page will appear. Your order number as well as the payment instructions can be found on this page. This order confirmation will also be sent to your e-mail. Your products will immediately be visible under "My Vault Overview" listed as "Pending Payment".

Step 14: An order update e-mail and an order update text message will be sent to you when we have processed your payment. We will thereafter proceed to deposit your items into vault storage and notify you via e-mail and text message accordingly. The pending payment status under My Vault Overview on your account will be removed and you will have full control to sell or physically withdraw your metal anytime. Your bullion will at the same time be included in the Live Audit Report for you to audit your bullion online. 

Buy to Store in My Vault
Product Category All Gold Silver
Product Type All Coins Bars
Product Unit Price Vault QTY Quantity to Sell
No vault items to display/Please log in to view your items.
Withdraw Bullion Products
Product Vault QTY Quantity to Withdraw
No vault items to display/Please log in to view your items.
Withdraw Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

Please note that it is only possible to withdraw either bullion products or products for the Bullion Savings Program in one and the same order. If you would like to withdraw both bullion products and products for the Bullion Savings Program, please place two separate withdrawal orders.

Product BSP QTY Bars to Withdraw BSP Grams Required