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BullionStar Christmas Promotion

Get the 1 gram and 1 kilogram PAMP gold bars at attractive prices! Promotion ends 30 Nov 2013.

Published: 22-11-2013 11:47

BullionStar Christmas Promotion!

With Christmas around the corner, we have a Christmas promotion for our PAMP 1 gram and PAMP 1 kg bars. Go small or go big! Buy theses bars before 30th November 2013 to enjoy the savings! What better Christmas gift you can give to your loved ones than one with intrinsic value!

1 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars (Circulated in good condition)

The PAMP bars are arguably the most famous and recognised in the world. With a lower price per bar, the 1 gram PAMP gold bar makes a great gift during this festive season! It is a gift that will only increase in value!

Original premium: 49.37%

Price: Spot price of gold +18.99 % (Any quantity)

1 kilogram PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Don't miss this chance to diversify a larger portion of your wealth from paper currencies to the hefty Swiss-made gold bar when gold spot prices are so low!

Original premium: 1.20%

Price: Spot price of gold +0.49 % (Any quantity)

*The Christmas Promotion ends on 30th November 2013.