Sales & Customer Support Executive (SINGAPORE)

Location: Singapore

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Sales & Customer Support Executive (SINGAPORE)

We are hiring an individual for a Sales and Customer Support Executive role. This role will build a foundation for a career in the precious metals industry, allowing the individual to learn first-hand from precious metals experts, gain exposure with top-tier refineries and mints from around the world and acquire a hands-on working experience within the operations of a bullion dealer.

The Sales and Customer Support Executive role will have the following responsibilities:

Sales Support

• Build relationships with customers

• Assist with Over-The-Counter transactions

• Test the authenticity of precious metals from customer sell orders

• Ensure that the bullion showroom is presentable and well-organized

Customer Support

• Assist the Customer Support Manager in responding to customer phone calls, and customer emails

• Provide support for BullionStar’s affiliate program

Skills and characteristics

• Meticulous: As you will be dealing with highly valuable items, you are to be meticulous and diligent in all aspects of the role, e.g., conducting inventory audits, testing the authenticity of the precious metal product, handling cash, etc.

• Versatile: You are required to switch between speaking with customers, to hands-on operational work, to desk-bound administrative work throughout the day.

• Communicative (Fluency in multiple languages/dialects is a plus - to liaise with dialects speaking associates): As part of an integrated and international team, you are encouraged to communicate openly and directly across all levels of the organization.

The job location is BullionStar's bullion shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road.

Salary and Benefits

The starting salary is SGD 2500 - SGD 4000 depending on your knowledge, experience and skills plus one month's bonus, reimbursement of medical bills and access to an employee health and fitness benefit program.

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