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Vault & Operations/ Warehouse Assistant

Location: Singapore

We are expanding!

We are hiring an individual for a Vault & Operations/Warehouse Assistant role. This entry-level role will build a foundation for a career in the precious metals industry, allowing the individual to learn first-hand from precious metals experts and acquire a hands-on working experience within the operations of a bullion dealer.

The Vault & Operations/Warehouse Assistant role will have the following responsibilities:

Vault Assistance

  • Assist the Vault Manager in vaulting operations and inventory audits
  • Assist with processing of storage-related orders
  • Assist with inbound and outbound precious metals deliveries
  • Maintain cleanliness of vault

Operational Support

  • Assist in the processing of orders for shipment
  • Assist in cash counting and testing the authenticity of precious metals
  • Ensure that precious metals in the showroom are displayed in a presentable and appealing manner
  • Assist in performing Customer Due Diligence
  • Any other tasks as assigned.

Skills and characteristics

  • Integrity: You are required to demonstrate integrity in all aspects of your work and your conduct
  • Meticulous: As you will be dealing with highly valuable items, you are to be meticulous and diligent in all aspects of the role, e.g., conducting inventory audits, testing the authenticity of the precious metal product, handling cash, etc.


  • ‘N’ / ‘O’ Levels and above
  • Class 3 Driving license

The job location is BullionStar's bullion shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road.

Salary and Benefits

The starting salary is SGD 1900 - SGD 3000 depending on your knowledge, experience and skills plus one month's bonus, reimbursement of medical bills and access to an employee health and fitness benefit program. BullionStar employees are entitled to 16 days of annual leave and 26 off days each year.

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