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Heraeus Platinum Bar - 500 g

Heraeus Platinum Bar - 500 g

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Heraeus Platinum Bar - 500 g

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Product Highlights

Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Heraeus

Size: 80 mm x 47 mm x 6.2 mm

Purity: .9995

Fine Weight: 500 gram (16.075 troy oz)

Tax Status: No Tax/No GST

Product Information:

This 500 gram platinum bar produced by Germany’s leading platinum refiner Heraeus has a very high platinum purity of 99.95%.Heraeus 500 gram platinum bars have a high polish finish and come laminated in an assay card.

The front of the bar 500 gram bar features the refinery name Heraeus along and the bar’s weight and platinum purity content.

The front surface also has the famous Heraeus refinery logo, the Heraeus ‘hand with roses’ motif. Encircling the refinery motif are the words “Heraeus Edelmetalle – Hanau”.

Heraeus precious metals is part of the German-based global Heraeus technology group, and its main refinery is located in Hanau, near Frankfurt, in Germany.

Heraeus is a member of the restigious LPPM Good Delivery List for platinum, and the Heraeus name one of the most respected in the precious metals industry.

As well as its refineries in Germany, Hong Kong and the US, Heraeus also owns the leading Swiss precious metals refinery Argor-Heraeus.

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