PAMP Gold Cast Bar - Circulated in good condition - 10 tolas

PAMP Gold Cast Bar - Circulated in good condition - 10 tolas
PAMP Gold Cast Bar - Circulated in good condition - 10 tolas
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The PAMP 10 tola cast gold bar is a 99.99% purity gold bar fabricated in Switzerland at the famous PAMP gold refinery in Castel San Pietro in the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Tola is a weight denomination commonly used for gold bullion in India and surrounding countries, and also in Singapore. 1 tola equals 3/8 ounce. Therefore 10 Tolas is equal to 3.75 ounces, or 116.63 grams.

The front of these 10 Tola cast gold bars shows PAMP’s famous insignia of 4 circles, and the bar’s weight and purity with the words “SUISSE 10 TOLAS 999.0” stamped in the centre, and underneath the official Swiss stamp of authenticity “Essayeur Fondeur”.

PAMP gold bars are famous around the world and are popular for those buying gold as an investment, as well as those giving gold as a gift.

PAMP operates a joint venture precious metals refinery in India in conjunction with Indian government controlled trading company MMTC. The joint venture, known as MMTC_PAMP, is the only gold refinery in India that is a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery List for both gold and silver.

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Tax Status Country Manufacturer Proof Fine Weight
No Tax/No GST Switzerland PAMP .999 116.63 gram (3.75 troy oz)

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