Coins of Singapore - A commemorative book

Coins of Singapore - A commemorative book
Coins of Singapore - A commemorative book
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A popular way for a country to express its' culture and national identity is through coins. However, in Singapore, even though we have a rich history of coinage, there isn't a single source of information where a coin collector or cultural buffs can refer to. 

This lack of information frustrated Jonathan Tan, who decided to painstakingly compile information of Singapore's coinage into a book.

The book focuses on Singapore coins minted in the years 1967 - 2015.

Everything from uncirculated coin sets, to special releases to currently circulating coins is covered in this book.

This book will make a special gift to friends from overseas or as a coffee table book.

Bullionstar is proud to support the local author of this book, Jonathan Tan. 

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