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Store Gold & Silver in Singapore

As the Singapore government decides to lift the GST on gold, it is becoming evident that the place to store your gold is Singapore.

Published: 31-07-2012 16:31

Store Gold & Silver in Singapore

Aside from being one of the most economically free countries in the world, security and safety is one of the biggest benefits of living in Singapore. There is strong protection of property rights, one of the strongest in the world, and the rule of law is prevalent.

Singapore also has a powerful campaign against corruption, which is to the envy of other nations in the same region and the rest of the world. And it’s not just the government or their policies that contribute to this. This really has a lot to do with the culture of the people. Singapore’s citizens have high regard for the law and have respect for the liberties and properties of others.

These qualities of their culture, and their policies and governance, are the reasons for them becoming one of the most prosperous and peaceful nations in the world. Singapore is a very young country but unlike any of its neighboring countries, it has proven to be one of the most prosperous economies.

And now, with the Singapore government lifting the GST or Goods and Services Tax on the trade of physical gold bullion, it has also become so much easier for those who store their gold in Singapore to buy more or sell more. This is not like in other countries where there are many burdens and sanctions on trading physical gold.

So it is not just your gold that is protected by storing gold in Singapore; your choices are protected as well. You have the choice to preserve and protect your earnings, while being able to easily exchange these for a currency not sustained by debt, that is, gold.

As the world’s governments continue to inflate and increase their money supplies, and with different economic crises all over the world (especially in the West), now is the time to start thinking about investing in gold. And for the reasons mentioned above, you are assured of having your gold protected in Singapore.

The lifting of the GST is just one aspect of why you should store your gold in Singapore. The many other reasons, some of which I have already mentioned above, are rooted deeply in their culture that respects trade and the power of the market.

Just look at how many entrepreneurs and businesses are now flocking to Singapore to invest. This is the market dictating where wealth goes. Invest in gold, store it in Singapore, and you will be protected.