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BullionStar Goes Live!

Introduction to why you should buy physical precious metals from BullionStar.

Published: 04-02-2013 15:05

BullionStar Goes Live! After months of hardwork and dedication, the BullionStar team is proud to announce the launch of its online trading platform. Customer can now buy physical precious metals from renowned refineries around the world with a click of the mouse.

So why should you, as the customer, choose us over any other bullion dealerships? Here is what BullionStar can offer:


BullionStar offers the best bullion prices in the market regardless if you are buying or selling to us.


GST Exempted

Most bullion sold by BullionStar are Investment Precious Metals that are exempted from GST. That is 7% savings right down your pocket!


Fully Allocated

BullionStar only sells precious metals that we have in stock or are available from our suppliers. BullionStar has never and will never engage in any kind of fractional reserve system or Ponzi scheme. We do not sell and will never sell 'paper metal’ or promises for the redemption of precious metals.

Free Storage

If you have trouble finding solutions to store your precious metals holdings securely, you can consider My Vault Storage. All bullion stored with BullionStar are fully insured and storage fees will be waived for a minimum of 2 years, starting from the date of purchase of your bullion.

Set Up an Account in 5 min

Although it is not compulsory to set up an account with BullionStar, the process is fast and simple. On top of that, we will give you 10 Vault Grams of Silver FREE! There is no obligation and you can explore BullionStar's trading platform before deciding to invest.

Trade in Your Preferred Currency

BullionStar accepts Singapore dollars, US dollars and Euros. This allows you to save cost in the currency exchange.


Deal Online Anytime 24/7

We are proud of our versatile, easy-to-use online trading platform. You can place orders 24/7 to trade the bullion you need when the price and conditions are right for you.


Worldwide Delivery

By engaging one of the world's most renowned shipping company in the industry, we are able to ship almost anywhere around the world at very competitive rates! Alternatively, you can choose to store it with us here in Singapore, one of the safest and most stable country                        in the world.

So go on now, and start exploring the BullionStar's website to find the bullion of your choice. Safeguard your wealth with physical precious metals and trade online at the comfort of your home.