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BullionStar is a leading company in the precious metals sphere in Asia. BullionStar will stand at the forefront as Singapore developes into a hub for Gold & Silver.

Our Company

The founders behind BullionStar Pte. Ltd. have previously started several bullion dealerships around the world. The founders are supporting the Austrian School of Economics. BullionStar is built on a strong ideological belief that precious metals is the best value retaining asset over time, the best unit of account and thus the purest form of money. Precious metals have been used as money for thousands of years. During the last four decades, precious metals have been removed from our monetary system which no longer has any backing whatsoever. We at BullionStar believe that the current monetary system, called fractional reserve banking, is to blame for many of the economic problems arising today. We thus want to offer a reliable alternative, an asset which has retained its value and purchasing power for thousands of years: precious metals, specifically, gold, silver and platinum.

At BullionStar, we are dedicated to be a full service provider for individuals and institutions buying, selling and trading physical precious metals. We offer a full range of gold, silver and platinum products at competitive prices. You can always take full physical delivery of your bullion by picking it up in our shop or having the products shipped to you. You may also choose to store your bullion and keep full control of them online 24/7 through My Vault Storage®. BullionStar's vault operates with full accountability. All products offered are fully allocated and segregated as well as frequently audited and insured.

BullionStar agrees with the government of Singapore that Singapore has a unique opportunity to take a leading position as an international hub for precious metals, not only in Southeast Asia, but in the world. The Singaporean government trade agency, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore has stated that they hope that Singapore’s share of the global precious metals market will grow at least fivefold within 5-10 years and create an Asia-Pacific industry hub for precious metals. BullionStar also believes that there is a need and a great possibility that Singapore will emerge as the hub for precious metals trade. As such, BullionStar intends to play a vital role as the precious metals market in Singapore develops.