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Promote The Royal Mint brand in Singapore through any medium of your choice! You can submit a YouTube video, a banner ad, an art piece, a sculpture or even a song! The choice is up to you. Click here for more info!

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Silver Britannia Promotion

Get 1 FREE tube of Silver Britannias for every 1,000 pcs Silver Britannias bought!

Published: 03-01-2017 00:00

Christmas is nearing and we are celebrating with one of our best promotional offers ever!

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Stand a chance to win a Heraeus 10g GOLD bar, worth more than SGD 630! 

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Let your creativity loose and shoot a video of your bullion bought from BullionStar to Win Big!

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First company in Singapore to pay salaries in Gold & Silver

Published: 24-10-2014 12:19

Introducing the 2015 Perth Mint Lunar Series coins

Learn more about the Australian Lunar Series and the Chinese zodiac calender

Published: 03-09-2014 08:45

SOLAR Silver Bar Promotion!

Published: 12-08-2014 19:19

BullionStar's opening ceremony

Speech by BullionStar's CEO Mr. Torgny Persson

Published: 04-08-2014 10:03

Published: 24-06-2014 17:00

PAMP 100g minted gold bars are back in stock!

Published: 20-06-2014 12:47

Rand Refinery 100g cast bars now in stock!

Published: 09-06-2014 14:35

BullionStar  featured in The Sunday Times on 25th May 2014

Singapore's main newspaper interviews BullionStar's CEO on his thoughts on precious metals

Published: 25-05-2014 12:12

Valcambi gold bars in stock!

Published: 29-04-2014 17:08

Singapore Minted Gold Bars

Bullion gold bars featuring Singapore icons!

Published: 14-04-2014 17:13

Heraeus Silver Bars in stock

We now have the 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz Heraeus silver bars in stock. Very low premiums!

Published: 10-04-2014 10:17

Published: 27-02-2014 14:05

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Published: 21-01-2014 11:52

NETS payment is now available!

Published: 14-01-2014 22:33

Chinese Silver Panda 2014 Is In Stock!

Published: 17-12-2013 21:56

Get the 1 gram and 1 kilogram PAMP gold bars at attractive prices! Promotion ends 30 Nov 2013.

Published: 22-11-2013 11:47

PAMP 100g Gold Cast Bars are now in stock!

Published: 30-10-2013 11:33

BullionStar Increase Range of Platinum Products.

You can now purchase platinum coins such as Canadian Maples and Perth Mint Koalas plus Heraeus 100g bars too!

Published: 27-09-2013 10:24

New Products in Stock!

BullionStar is increasing our product variety by adding Gold Philharmonics & Silver Britannia coins to the mix!

Published: 19-07-2013 13:49

Frustrated with your search for gold bars? Fret not! BullionStar is bringing more in!

- More 50g and 100g Heraeus and PAMP Suisse gold bars available.
- Only 4.73% and 3.94% above spot respectively!
- Get them before they run out again!

Published: 08-06-2013 00:00

Singapore gold bar premiums hit record on tight supply.

Check out the latest updates by Reuters on price premiums of gold bars.

Published: 30-05-2013 14:13

BullionStar contributing to an article from Reuters.

PRECIOUS-Gold falls as stock markets hold firm; physical demand strong

Published: 29-05-2013 09:38

How to get free offshore gold storage in Singapore

BullionStar's free vault storage being featured by the Nomad Capitalist!

Published: 16-05-2013 14:02

Undergrad Stocks Up on Gold Bars

BullionStar has been featured on the New Paper on Sunday! Click on the link to read all about it!

Published: 10-05-2013 10:33

The Great BullionStar Promo is On!

- RCM 100oz Silver bars @ 7.9% above spot only!
- Heraeus 100,250 & 1000 gram Gold bars @ 1.9, 1.6 & 1% above spot respectively!
*Limited stocks available! Offer till 7th April 2013.

Published: 29-03-2013 13:09

Reduced Price for PAMP, Credit Suisse, Valcambi etc. Gold Bars!

10 gram gold bars - Only spot + 3.9 %.
5 gram gold bars - Only spot + 4.9 %.
While stock last!

Published: 14-03-2013 17:08

Free Storage of Gold & Silver in 'My Vault'

Store your Gold & Silver in My Vault. Yes, that's right - We don't actually charge anything for you to store your precious metals the Vault. No strings attached!

Published: 25-07-2012 17:28

Gold or Silver – Bars or Coins – Storage or Delivery

Ask our BStar experts to guide you in the world
of precious metals.

Published: 24-07-2012 00:32


Chinese gold demand 67 tonnes in five days

Published: 19-10-2014 23:07

Published: 12-10-2014 21:46

Published: 05-10-2014 02:23

Confirmation PBOC Doesn't Purchase Gold Through SGE

I love it when a plan comes together

Published: 03-10-2014 20:52

Could it be sie Germans?

Published: 02-10-2014 18:05

Published: 27-09-2014 16:50

The Shanghai International Gold Exchange Is Launched!

Published: 20-09-2014 07:40

Published: 11-09-2014 16:13

Published: 07-09-2014 21:47

Silver remains scarce in Shanghai

Published: 07-09-2014 02:23

Does The WGC Understand The Chinese Gold Market?

Or does it not want us to understand it?

Published: 05-09-2014 16:03


Published: 03-09-2014 09:00

Precious Metals Markets: China vs US

Published: 27-08-2014 21:28

India Imports 2559 MT Silver In 5 Months

"Rupee" comes from r?pya, a Sanskrit term for silver coin

Published: 21-08-2014 04:47

Published: 18-08-2014 22:57

Global Gold Trade Declines In H1 2014

Published: 14-08-2014 17:59

Published: 12-08-2014 22:54

Chinese Gold Demand 1063 MT YTD

Total Chinese Reserves Reach 15,000 Tonnes

Published: 04-08-2014 20:32

The deposit potentially contains more than 127 tonnes

Published: 04-08-2014 15:12

Interview with BullionStar's CEO on the development of the Asian gold market

Mr. Persson touches specifically on the development of the Chinese and Singaporean gold markets

Published: 30-07-2014 02:25

Demand In Week 28 Low At 25 MT

Published: 19-07-2014 19:57

India Imported 713 MT Of Silver In April, 1921 MT YTD

Indian Silver Demand Strong As Gold Is Curbed

Published: 17-07-2014 00:07

ICBC: A New Global Currency Setup Is Being Conceived

The Chinese Perspective On The International Gold Market

Published: 15-07-2014 17:00

In Week 27 SGE Withdrawals Accounted For 26.5 Tonnes

Published: 14-07-2014 18:48

For How Long Will People Trust Fiat Money?

On The Essence Of Exchange Rates

Published: 13-07-2014 00:00

4 Questions and Answers about Money, Precious Metals and Bullion

Published: 07-07-2014 00:00

GATA Interview

Interview with Chris Powell from GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee)

Published: 30-06-2014 00:00

Chinese Gold Demand hit 2000 tons in 2013

Mr. Xu Luode, Chairman of the SGE confirms that Chinese gold demand hit 2000 tons last year

Published: 25-06-2014 17:29

A call for a clear regulatory framework regarding Bitcoin

Bullionstar presents its stance on Bitcoin and make a call for a more homogenous regulatory framework

Published: 25-06-2014 00:00

Report and interview with BullionStar on Channel News Asia

Published: 14-06-2014 17:50

World Gold Council's Q1 report

The Chinese Gold Rush continues

Published: 21-05-2014 10:00

When money is forgotten

How a generation has forgotten what money is and why it is now even more crucial to store wealth in precious metals

Published: 08-04-2014 00:00

Bullion Gold Coins List

List of the most popular bullion gold coins

Published: 05-03-2014 10:02

2013 review: Events that point to gold

Why these events are bullish for gold even with the fiat denominated gold price decline in 2013

Published: 31-12-2013 00:00

Did The Fed's QE Taper Really Reduce Money Printing?

Or was it a distraction meant to mask the expanding limits for QE?

Published: 24-12-2013 00:00

Tapering QE is a sideshow and the road ahead is inflationary

Why China's recent actions will lead to higher QE bond purchases

Published: 04-12-2013 00:00

Economic records set for the wrong reasons

Data that shows you the continued poor state of the global economy

Published: 21-11-2013 00:00

The bypass of the dollar

Signs that show the diminishing dominance of the US dollar

Published: 13-11-2013 00:00

The nature of money

Remembering what money is and how it came to be the acceptable medium of exchange

Published: 06-11-2013 00:00

Confidence - the emotion that holds all fiat currencies together

How confidence can be quickly eroded when governments print currencies excessively

Published: 30-10-2013 00:00

Currency devaluation becomes the solution to all economic problems

How the purchasing power of the currency you hold may be threatened by intentional currency devaluation

Published: 25-10-2013 00:00

China’s insatiable gold appetite

China's gold imports hit new highs and what it points to in the coming years

Published: 16-10-2013 00:00

The last time the United States declared bankruptcy

How the inflating of the US dollar caused the US to renege on its gold convertibility obligation in 1971

Published: 10-10-2013 00:00

Why gold is a hedge against inflation

Published: 23-09-2013 00:00

The US is teetering on default

Just how bad is the fiscal state of the US?

Published: 16-09-2013 00:00

The relationship between Gold and Petrodollar

The beginning of the end for the world reserve currency?

Published: 09-09-2013 00:00

The Money Printer of the Universe

In this article we will explore how money is created by governments and why gold simply can not be printed.

Published: 04-09-2013 00:00

The 5 stage life cycle of a fiat currency

Why the threat of hyperinflation is looming larger

Published: 27-08-2013 00:00

Buy Signal on Gold

Gold breaking out from its downward trading channel

Published: 19-08-2013 00:00

The Universal Appeal for Gold

Gold worshipped since ancient times

Published: 12-08-2013 00:00

Gold and Silver Bullion

Bullion compared to fiat currency

Published: 01-08-2013 00:00

The Myths about Gold Bullion

BullionStar takes on the role of MythBuster in this article.

Published: 17-07-2013 17:46

Owning Gold to Preserve Wealth

Why Should We Buy Gold?

Published: 08-07-2013 11:29

Paper Money: Worse than precious metals but better than bank credit

The banks in Sweden, and many other countries, are doing their best to demonize cash transactions. In short, a cash transaction consists (in most cases) of a debt settlement that is enacted and settled simultaneously, and it is done so without the bookkeeping process that banks provide. As of today, a bank’s role is not to keep money in a vault as they did in the childhood of banking business, but of acting as a bookkeeping agency that keeps a record of debit and credit in their ledger and thus keeps track of every customers “score” in the “economic game”. Does this mean that they have no money and are, in fact, broke? To answer this question we must go back in time

Published: 18-06-2013 14:34

Will the end of quantitative easing signal the collapse of gold prices?

There has been ongoing talks by the Federal Reserve of the United States of American to start tapering quantitative easing and then end it as soon as possible. These talks have contributed to the fall in gold prices. In this article, we will discuss the the implications of ending quantitative easing and whether this would mean the collapse of the prices of gold and other precious metals.

Published: 05-06-2013 19:00

Gold pricing and production costs

Demand for gold continues to grow, spurring miners to conduct operations to extract the yellow metal from the earth. But even as these ventures and related stocks remain risky, the one constant is a rising value in the final products, physical gold bars and coins.

Published: 22-03-2013 00:00

Money Series - Part 3 - Money According to Your Bank

Money is the greatest deception of all

Published: 20-03-2013 00:00

Should I invest in gold and silver jewelry?

Some people who may not be as aware of gold’s nature as sound money, nonetheless invest in it in the form of jewelry, which tends to be much more expensive relative to bullion. When it comes to preserving one’s wealth, nothing beats buying investment-grade bullion bars and coins.

Published: 19-03-2013 00:00

Money Series - Part 2 - Money Out of Thin Air: What does Your Politician Know?

To bailout or not to bailout - That is the question

Published: 13-03-2013 00:00

Is there hyperinflation risk for the Euro and US Dollar?

With the currency crises being faced in the world today, investors are compelled to look for alternative assets that preserve their market value no matter what happens, for which gold and silver are demanded.

Published: 12-03-2013 00:00

Money Series - Part 1 - The Big Mystery: Money

What is the most fundamental building block in our current financial system?

Published: 06-03-2013 00:00

Gold and inflation

Gold tends to rise in price to the degree that inflation takes place in an economy. It is because of this that gold serves as an ideal store of value.

Published: 05-03-2013 00:00

Three Common Misconceptions About Gold

Gold is an especially sensitive financial issue, with many conflicting opinions as to the nature of the investment and whether to be bullish or bearish. In this article, we delve into the most common misconceptions in order to find that gold is in fact an asset to be bullish about, as it is today’s means of wealth protection.

Published: 28-02-2013 00:00

The Spot Price and Actual Gold Prices

Today, gold and silver are normally trading beyond what we read as their spot prices. Although spot prices may reflect the supply-demand situation in the futures market, they are becoming less relevant when it comes to the physical precious metals market, which one invests in to best protect their savings.

Published: 26-02-2013 00:00

Markets and wealth protection

Even in this day and age of money printing, where there is an increasing money supply unbacked by gold, it is still big business to keep precious metals safe and secure, as these assets have value to a civilized, trading people.

Published: 20-02-2013 00:00

Business cycles: Why crises happen

An economic crisis may appear to be about financial scams, or profligate spending, but their main cause is too little savings and too much debt. Recognizing the nature of the crisis leads one to also appreciate gold and silver as real money.

Published: 13-02-2013 00:00

Gold and property rights

History teaches us that countries that most uphold property rights are also those best known as gold havens. Even though rules constantly change, an investor must decide based on a comparison of risk levels, wherein Singapore ranks as tops in safety.

Published: 06-02-2013 00:00

BullionStar Goes Live!

Introduction to why you should buy physical precious metals from BullionStar.

Published: 04-02-2013 15:05

Recent innovations in buying gold

As precious metals become once again more prominent, we are also witness to market innovations that make investing in gold and silver easier than ever. Regardless of innovations made, the essential goal of owning physical precious metals remains.

Published: 31-01-2013 00:00

Is a Gold Standard Afoot?

Whether or not a gold standard is declared by governments, the need for financial stability as provided by gold ensures its reemergence as medium of exchange, no longer being considered a mere commodity among many.

Published: 29-01-2013 00:00

The changing platinum-gold ratio

Platinum has traditionally been a more expensive metal than gold. Are we seeing a return to this state of affairs? Either way, the future bodes well for precious metals in general.

Published: 23-01-2013 00:00

Why isn’t the $1-trillion platinum coin a good idea?

Will minting a $1-trillion platinum coin actually help in debt reduction? We explore what the effects of such a measure may be, and how precious metals shall retain their value regardless.

Published: 16-01-2013 00:00

Private currencies: The future of money?

The recent financial turmoil has made popular the proposal of private entities issuing currencies. Through such a competitive environment, it is said, financial stability can be better ensured. If such a system comes to pass, its stability will have to be anchored in precious metals.

Published: 09-01-2013 00:00

5 Coolest Objects Made of Gold

Apart from gold's value as medium of exchange, jewelry and industrial good, it has been used for many grandiose projects, making for very impressive, and expensive, items.

Published: 31-12-2012 00:00

Savings: Bah-humbug?

Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ seems to almost demonize the concept of saving through the person of Ebenezer Scrooge. In fact, so-called ‘misers’ and ‘hoarders’ are essential in the workings of an economy.

Published: 25-12-2012 00:00

Lessons from the Great Depression

In facing the present crisis, an investor would do well to invest wisely and spend prudently — lessons that can be gleaned from studying the American-European Great Depression.

Published: 19-12-2012 00:00

Real estate booms in Asia: Then and now

Asia is recipient of money fleeing the West, where a financial crisis rages on. In addition, expansive policies by Asian monetary agencies are in the process of affecting economies similar to, but not quite yet like, the Asian Crisis of 1997.

Published: 12-12-2012 00:00

Silver rising as alternative to gold

Signs point to silver increasing in prominence in relation to gold, and this will manifest in higher silver prices over time. This makes silver as much a good investment, if not better, than gold itself.

Published: 05-12-2012 00:00

Hunting for gold undersea

As the price of gold and silver continue rising, expect more marine explorations in search for sunken treasures.

Published: 28-11-2012 00:00

The Singapore Dollar, Prices, and Gold

As currencies, including the Singapore Dollar, decline in purchasing power, gold and silver remain stores of value for investors.

Published: 21-11-2012 00:00

Tulips and gold: The similarities and differences explored

The tulip mania in 17th-century Holland is often cited as the first economic bubble. We examine why attempts to parallel the tulip mania to gold are mistaken.

Published: 14-11-2012 00:00

Skyscrapers and gold

The constructing of record-setting skyscrapers may serve as rough indicators of the state of an economy, as well as of the direction of the gold price.

Published: 08-11-2012 00:00

Is gold a hedge against price inflation during crises?

Gold, like any other asset, has its ups and downs, and may drop over the short term during market crashes. However, over the long term, gold has always maintained its role as a store of value.

Published: 05-11-2012 00:00

Will 'Sandy' stimulate the ‘US’ economy?

In the wake of Hurricane 'Sandy,' billions of dollars will be spent, and thousands will be hired, in the rebuilding of the US' East Coast. However, the storm's net effect on the economy is questionable. A gold-backed monetary system would help minimize inefficiencies in public spending.

Published: 01-11-2012 00:00

How to Invest in Uncertain Economic Times

During the present economic crisis, traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and housing are no longer healthy investments, due to the continued loss in purchasing power of currencies. Gold and silver and other precious metals, on the other hand, are providing investors with large returns and preservation of savings.

Published: 09-10-2012 12:00

Beware of Ponzi-like gold scams

Even the gold bullion market is not spared from fly-by-night operators and Ponzi scam artists. Here are simple tips to avoid being fooled.

Published: 19-09-2012 15:00

What Is Money?

An examination of different ideas about money, and why gold and silver beat government-issued fiat at the end of the day.

Published: 15-08-2012 15:16

Gold and Silver Bullion as Investment

Precious Metals made easy - Investment guide
for Gold & Silver

Published: 07-08-2012 16:16

Invest in Gold in Singapore

A general guide about precious metals, and purchasing them in Singapore

Published: 07-08-2012 16:14

With Rising Gold Price, Singapore Set To Be Precious Metals Haven

A look at the rise in the gold price in Singapore dollars, and a strong case for continued buying of precious metals

Published: 03-08-2012 09:44

Buy Gold and Silver in Singapore

Singapore is becoming the premier destination for buyers of gold and silver.

Published: 02-08-2012 10:14

Buy Gold and Silver in Hong Kong and Singapore

Free-trade centers Hong Kong and Singapore are popular locations for the purchase of gold and silver, but buyers should be aware of political risks.

Published: 01-08-2012 17:24

No more GST for Gold & Silver in Singapore

The Singaporean government removes GST for Investment Precious Metals 1 October 2012

Published: 31-07-2012 16:35

Store Gold & Silver in Singapore

As the Singapore government decides to lift the GST on gold, it is becoming evident that the place to store your gold is Singapore.

Published: 31-07-2012 16:31