Pick-up, Store or Ship

It's your metal - It's your choice: Pick-up in our shop, store in our vault or ship to your delivery address. 

BullionStar's Shop & Showroom

Visit our shop at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398 anytime to view, buy, deposit, audit, sell or physically withdraw your stored bullion items. Walk-ins are welcome. Cash and carry is allowed. 

It's a simple process to pick up products ordered online at the shop. Simply place an order online and proceed to 45 New Bridge Road with your IC/ID or passport to pick-up your bullion. No appointment is necessary whether you buy on the spot or collect your items ordered online. 

Vault Storage

Singapore is the best jurisdiction in the world to buy and store precious metals. With our solution for Vault Storage, you can store your bullion products with BullionStar as your vault storage provider and keep full control online. You can buy, sell, physically audit or physically withdraw your bullion any time.

BullionStar's solution for Vault Storage offers you to:

  • Buy, sell or physically withdraw your bullion products under the respective sections.
  • View and analyze the development of your precious metals portfolio.
  • Value your precious metals in different currencies and based on different valuation methods such as spot price, buy price and sell price.
  • Generate an up to date vault certificate certifying that you are the legal owner of the precious metals stored by BullionStar as your storage provider. 
  • Check the transaction history
  • View pictures of your photographed bullion products on which the serial numbers are visible where applicable.  
  • Keep funds on your BullionStar account including proceeds from sell orders. Funds on your BullionStar account can be used towards future purchases or withdrawn anytime.
  • View the Live Audit Report anonymously listing all customer owned metal stored in Vault Storage updated in real time. 
  • View third party audit protocols by the LBMA-approved auditor, Bureau Veritas.
  • View BullionStar's Evidence of Insurance Certificate

  Receive 10 BSP Grams of silver FREE upon successful registration of your account with us! Opening an account is straightforward and takes less than one minute!

Singapore is the best jurisdiction in the world to buy and store bullion. There's no bullion taxes, no reporting requirements, high security, a supportive government, strong property ownership rights and cash payments are allowed. 

BullionStar offers you a unique bullion storage solution in Singapore where you have full control over your bullion and cash holdings. 

BullionStar Ships to Most Countries

BullionStar ships fully insured to most countries.

BullionStar offers standardized shipping costs to different countries meaning that you can check the shipping cost for your bullion before placing your order. Simply place your desired products in the shopping cart and click on "Checkout" to view the exact shipping costs.

BullionStar always takes the risk for you delivery until the parcel is signed for by the customer. Parcels are always fully insured and traceable.

BullionStar partners with some of the most competent and effective logistics providers worldwide.

Packaging is always included in the price. All individual coins are placed in coin flips or coin tubes inside the parcel for additional protection.

Shipping Costs within Singapore:

Shipping weight below 3 kg with value below SGD 10,000: SGD 25

Shipping weight 3 kg - 10 kg with value below SGD 10,000: SGD 40

Value above SGD 10,000 or weight above 10 kg: SGD 50

International Shipping Costs:

Please add your desired products to the shopping cart and go to the checkout where you select shipping country to get the shipping rate.

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